Who am I – and why do I have these opinions?

Well, I’m human and so far, I haven’t met a singe human who doesn’t have opinions. Obviously, the world is experiencing a desperate need to hear my opinions, so I feel duty bound to apply myself to writing some. 🙂

I am both a writer and traveller, having journeyed through UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, most of Asia and some parts of North America and Canada. Travelling has done so much for me – in particular, it has opened my eyes to the incredible differences and variations in lives across the planet, and helped me understand that my little part of it is just that. Travel teaches you many things, and perspective is one of them. So is learning how we’re all connected in some way, shape or form – which is one of the reasons I started Open Letter in the first place. Because things that happen in one place often have a powerful impact on things that happen somewhere else.

My main areas of interest are politics, feminism, equality and religion – but my interests spread far and wide, and I write about anything that takes my fancy. I love hearing other points of view, so please add your comments below. I always reply!


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