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  1. It is very interesting to see this expanding. The Visa and Mastercard attacks are evidence of of a feeling, by the people involved, that they are stateless or that the government that they currently reside under is not portraying their beliefs.
    I am constantly amazed at Sarah Palin, A) because she is still in the public eye, and b) she is willing to go out world wide with half baked incredibly ill thought ideas. I note that she was attacking people for commenting against her ideas about Mr Assange by calling up the first amendment, which seems to be fine for her to use but not Julian?
    No one seems to be worried about Mr Murdoch or any of the other media outlet CEOs who are publishing this stuff. If it was illegal the Laurie Oakes would have been arrested for his reporting during the recent federal election. I think he just got a Walkley didn’t he?
    I heard an estimate this morning that Wikileaks has 250,000 documents to release and at the current release rate it will take 5 years to see them all. Will this constant dribbling of leaks keep the governments ‘of their balance’ and cause a new world order? or will everyone get dulled by it all and it get sweeped under the table?

    • You make some really good points. Yes, Laurie Oakes did win the Walkley last night – and he won it for leaking the story about friction between Rudd and Gillard.

      Unsurprisingly, America can be very selective when it comes to their precious First Amendment. They sneered when the muslim world was up in arms about those cartoons, but then they jump up and down if people say bad things about christianity. Palin and others can say shoot Assange, but he – who has never incited violence against anyone – isn’t allowed to publish the same thing that everybody else publishes.

      I think you’re right. In a couple of months, barely anybody will be interested in what those cables say.

  2. I, too, am fascinated by these events. Assange is only the front-man. The Wikileaks team of journalists are the heroes. Postmodern theorists like Frederic Jameson have argued that we live in an era of post-history, where history no longer exists. Wikileaks is this decade’s Pentagon Papers. These men and women are the only journalists left. No other media outlet (now that they are multi-national entertainment outlets) are practicing true investigative journalism. No one seems to remember that Wikileaks is how a newspaper is supposed to operate.

    What fascinates me is the reaction of the pundits of the media — the common citizen no longer speaks — only the characters paid for by media outlets speak. There is so much demogoguery, and all of it centered on one tenet — that the government knows best, and exposing such dirty laundery prevents the government from operating well. That belief scares me. Since the 1980s, government seems to be increasingly incompetent and perhaps slightly corrupt. Too many documents are labeled classified.

    Lastly, if I as a civilian-citizen of the world am being held accountable by terrorists for the actions of my government, if my life is being threatened because of the actions of my leaders, then I have a right to know how my government is being operated.

    • I agree. What I can’t help wondering is if this sudden release of information is a little bit like a kid who finds out his parents have sex. We’re discovering all these embarrassing – but not all that surprising secret comments our governments have been up to. But is it all bad, really? So far it just looks like a bunch of stuff they weren’t sure we could handle, so they didn’t tell us. Maybe the really bad stuff is yet to come, but I’m thinking perhaps governments should look on the bright side of this. If we have a better understanding of how difficult their job is, perhaps we’ll cut them a little more slack.

      That’s probably just my optimist gene speaking there. The sad truth is there aren’t really that many true journalists left – although we have a couple of excellent ones here who back Wikileaks completely. In fact, we just gave our highest journalism award to a journo who published leaked information which resulted in our Prime Minister getting dumped.

      I watch with interest as this unfolds.

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