2 comments on “So, What Do You Think?

  1. I applaud your sentiment here. The right to vote has been hard earned and still unfortunately beyond the reach of too many people in this world. However, no vote is worth the paper it’s written on if all the ballot box choices are all unworthy of your tick. This is today regrettably the case, certainly in Australia.
    This country has become a conservative, uncharitable, self-centered state desperately imitating the user-pays mentality of the USA. I don’t see a political party here worth the effort to get out of bed on polling day. However, in the upcoming state election I intend to change that habit. I shall get out of bed and go fishing…

    • I agree – the lack of viable electees is the weak spot in the whole voting thing. I’m so over politicians that say nothing, that promise all sorts of silly things but in the end, do nothing. They’re all weak-willed and lilly-livered and don’t deserve any votes at all. Not only that, they give politicians such a bad name, that nobody who might actually be good at the job will ever take it up.

      I guess that’s why I find myself focusing on voting itself as the highlight of the day.

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