2 comments on “How it’s getting better

  1. Thanks for sharing that vid, Mackenzie. It’s great to see the USA with a president capable of sending out a message like this. I can’t imagine Bush having done it. It’s a great campaign, too. A very true slogan. As someone who put up with bullying during his school years, for a number of reasons including perceived sexuality (because, of course, if you didn’t like football you had to be gay), I can say that it is true… it does get better. The bullying eventually stops. And beyond high school, a world of possibilities opens up.

    • I, too was very impressed that President Obama had recorded this message. So many times we look out for somebody to show some real leadership – and in this particular instance, we’re seeing it when we need it. It makes a refreshing change.

      I can only imagine what Bush would have done…

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