4 comments on “Saints Preserve Us

  1. Some good points, well put. My only word of advice is: don’t try to make sense of religious institutions, especially the Catholic Church. This institution has centuries of practice in spinning and lying in order to protect their people and further their own ends. Any sane argument will be turned inside-out and upside-down, without providing any sense in return.

    • That certainly does seem to be the point at which to stop – where you just end up banging your head against the wall. But there’s always a part of me that hopes somebody can actually explain it to me because it’s so hard to believe that believers are okay with it not making sense. Or perhaps pretending to themselves that it does.

  2. My new mantra on relgious topics is “nonsense makes no sense!”

    Surely if she is so worthy of being made a saint, she could/ should have kindly performed a few more miracles between her death in 1909 and now … a mere 2 miracles in 101 years is a bit stingy I’m thinking … surely, if you have such healing powers, you should be putting them to greater use?!?!

    Once again, I insert my new mantra – “nonsense makes no sense!”

    And, like you, I am disapopinted that in the making of a saint we have lost what the real person stood for.

    BUT … we can take a small amount of comfort in the knowledge that there are many amongst us (we even have our own convention, now, so watch this space) who realise that it was all a publicity stunt and that the church was merely using Mary McKillop as the proverbial rug of which to brush the clerical child abuse under.

    • You’re right – there are growing numbers of us asking these same questions and wondering why nobody has any answers. I look forward to the next convention with enormous anticipation.

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