5 comments on “Hung Parliament

  1. You can still see the spin doctors trying to work out ways to present the result in a good light for the party, which ever one.

    They are not listening still.

  2. Excellent post! Although, I would add the following:

    – Surely we, the Australian people, must take some of the blame for the election outcome and the quality of political representation in this country. It’s all very convenient to point the finger and say “well, neither side had anything worth voting for”, but whose fault is that? This is a democracy (of sorts!) after all. This means that we allow a set of individuals to represent the majority view. So, I would suggest it’s our fault – we’ve become so dispassionate and comfortable with the way things are that, arguably, neither party need put in much effort when it comes to persuading us to vote for them and what they believe in. What do we believe in? Have we made it clear? Have we made any demands of our leaders?

    I think an election result like this should give us all pause for thought – not just politicians.

    • I agree. It’s only too easy to settle back into a system that’s comfortable and familiar and not look too closely at what’s really going on until it’s too late. The signs were there a long time ago – I think this result has been a long time coming.

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