6 comments on “Vaccination Battle Takes a Blow

  1. It is just absured that someone like Dorey exists and people like her. I have met more since I have been home educating my two teens than I ever realised existed.

    Most of the people in home ed dont immunise, advocate letting your child get sick and then taking them to the doctor to get treatment, they are not into preventative and provable measures.

    Some people are bullied into not immunising or shunned if they support it or support thinking. I have to say I am afraid it is not just religious people there are many atheists families or secular families who fall for the pseudoscientific bs.

    They are against any kind of intervention for their child at all if it requires it.. It is just wrong and I can say not immunising is just the tip of the ice berg with these type of people.

    They advocate no assistance at all, so only home birth with a doula, restricted diets with no dietician or doctor keeping a eye on things, not registering their children for education, practioners of homeopathy or chelation therapy. Aides deniers I could go on.

    The concerntration is higher amongst home educators than the regular day school type of people in qld anyway.

    I feel that most of these families are uneducated and falling for a group mentality and not thinking for themselves. Suffering right brain hemisphere malfunction or damage seems to be the case in the home ed community.

    • I’m afraid it’s not just people who are uneducated – it’s what they do with that education. Not everybody is taught to ask questions, or to analyse the answers they’re given. And when they do ask questions, they quite often, don’t know what to do with the information they get as an answer.

      Dorey provided a perfect example of this when questioning the cause of death for the baby mentioned in Lateline. A test had been done to determine why the baby had died – a proper, scientific test, using the usual, rigorous scientific procedures. But Dorey asked if it was a proper test, and how would we know if it was right?

      Clearly, she knows nothing about scientific method – and so probably thinks somebody just guesses. I think that’s what she does.

  2. I agree with you when you say some people are immune to the facts. I think the common belief that everyone is entitled to and has a right to express their opinion on any subject creates a climate where knowing the facts is now all but redundant or unimportant. This creates perception that opinion is on the same as the facts. It seems the public thirst for opinion in the absence of facts is unquenchable.

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