3 comments on “Life Without Religion Part 2 – Why I became an Atheist

  1. ASA, my friend, I too can remember when I found myself where you are now. Fortunately, for me I am no longer in that place. But, if I may be so forward and ask; what if the orginal belief was correct but the instruction given was not…and what if the orginal answers you were seeking all have answers, just not in the place you were looking?….

    • The original belief had no foundation in reality. And the harder I looked for answers in that place, the more questions it threw up. Real, serious questions that no religion, no matter how complex, could answer. I mention some in my original post, and I plan another post that will elaborate on these in detail. What I learned from my journey was that the questions didn’t have answers because the assumption they were all built upon was that there was a god. I wasn’t looking at the evidence and then coming to a conclusion. I did what other believers do – assume there’s a god and then look for evidence.

  2. I will admit to a little secret little prayer in my more formative years … more out of desperation for a desired outcome than a genuine belief … more as a last ditch effort at turning a situation in my favour … and more because everyday living is so very saturated with religion that a secret little prayer or two just seemed natural.

    But none of my secret little prayers were ever answered … and then I see around me so much that is lacking in this world that surely, if there was an almighty god or two, simply shouldn’t/ couldn’t/ wouldn’t exist.

    So even my secret little prayers have stopped (long ago, if I’m honest) and I have revelled in my athiest awakening.

    Reading and watching atheist material is both enlightening and also pure good fun … so perhaps such purity will give me the morality that I apparently can’t possibly possess as an atheist and will also save my soul from eternal damnation at the same time? 😉

    Looking forward to Part 3.

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