5 comments on “Signs From The Gods

  1. The wonderful irony had me chuckling with pure athiest glee.

    Hmmmm, only built in 2004 … surely that doesn’t make it all that sacred (clearly God doesn’t think so) to warrant a rebuild?

    I thought all important religious monuments and the like were in place well before 2004 … and doesn’t God just miraculously plonk them down (strategically, of course) when no mere mortals were looking?

    Also, isn’t God and all that jazz ‘everywhere’ … so where lies the need for a monument in addition to this everywhere-ness?

    I’m left wondering though, on just how long long it will take to raise the funds to rebuild such an important religious landmark?

    • Don’t forget, there’s plenty of religious monuments that man has built to god. To glorify god. I’ve never been able to work out why our imperfect human creations can glorify a god who has created us, but there you go.

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