2 comments on “War On Ethics

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  2. The things is, “ethical inquiry” is already found right throughout the public school curriculum. Critical thinking, understanding right from wrong and general ethical inquiry happens every day in every class in a public school, from english to science to history.

    I think introducing the ethics classes actually undermines that, and it validates a place for SRE – when we simply don’t need it. SRE is divisive because it offers only ‘one’ religious perspective. In a multicultural multi-faith society we need public schools to be secular and inclusive.

    Perhaps an alternative would be to make SRE classes after school, and opt-in only, so that way they don’t interrupt the the normal school day and no one is left out.

    Either that, or instead of SRE offer comparative religion, and bring it into the normal curriculum to be taught be teachers. No volunteers indoctrinating anyone, no child left out, and children still learn about religion – all of them.

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